Viz Website Redesign

My role

User research, prototyping, UI design


Create a home page that elicits feelings of excitement and inspires customers to act by reaching out to to discuss the next steps for commercialization. Create a home page that has a clean and innovative design that reflects our brand as a leading innovative, reputable A.I. company in healthcare.


The new website features a brighter, airy design for the product to shine. Additionally, the new page features subtle animations, aimed at creating a delightful user experience.

Shipt Influencer Box

My role

Concept design, mechanical design


For this project, I created a special di-cut template and tested the mechanics and printing of the box.


Tasked with a simple referral card for an influencer box, I knew I had to set up our game in order to stand out from the other products that were going to be included in the August/September edition of BabbleBoxx. The themed for the box was back to school, Shipt fit nicely into the box as our service of delivery in one hour or less, helps parents save time by eliminating grocery shopping or back to school shopping.

While working with our copywriter, two out of the box ideas emerged. The first was a miniature grocery bag with cut-outs of different items that can be ordered through our app. Given the small quantity needed this option was too expensive. The second idea was a box that unfolded to reveal a gift. As the influencer unfolds the box they learn more about Shipt and how Shipt can help save them time. The small gift that was included was a small reusable bag that was shaped like a fruit or vegetable.

Here’s what some of the influencers are saying:

Shipt Online Grocery Service


Photos courtesy of Busy Mom’s Helper, Three Different Directions, and Giggle’s Galore